Wedding is a special day, perhaps the most important in your life. You wish everything to be perfect, hearty, stylish, delicious and memorable for you and the guests! Of course, you can book the best restaurant in the city, invite a cool DJ, decorate everything with flowers…

Or you can arrange an unforgettable adventure and invite your friends and relatives to go to a fabulous country called Georgia.

We sincerely believe that this is the best place in the world to confess eternal love to each other and to merge two hearts into one. Therefore, we have chosen 12 strong reasons to plan wedding in Georgia!

unique nature  as reason to plan wedding in Georiga

Unique nature

It’s amazing how in such small country the high mountains and valleys in between them, dense forests and endless steppes, fast mountain rivers and crystal clear lakes perfectly neighbor with each other. You can drive for hours and  get astonished again and again at the variety of local landscapes, while Georgia will continue to lure you with each new bend of the road. Here is the wind will gently comb your hair, the sun will fondly kiss your forehead lacking of sunlight for a long time, while yummy and clean air will fill your already happy heart!

Georgian hospitality

Georgian Hospitality

Local traditions of  welcoming guests have become legends long time ago. The reason is that every guest in Georgia is believed to be a gift from God. So if you ask how to find anything you won’t be just driven to the appropriate destination, but also invited to visit the family of your new acquaintance, where the table will be already set and friends gathered in order to honor the dear guest. So that Georgia is a place where locals are looking forward to welcome you and your friends; it’s a country where you will feel at home and which you will not want to leave.

Georgian wine


Georgians were the first in the world who started making wine 8,000 years ago. Kakhetian technology of making wine in large clay pots  – kvevri –  is included in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. But this is not the main point. The key thing is that Georgian wine is the quintessence of the country to say the least. There is so much sun, taste, freedom, childish good heart and warmth in this wine. Each sip makes you kinder, wiser and a little more romantic. You would like to savor the taste, to wine your guests, to take it away home at the end of the day. It is impossible to imagine any  wedding in Georgia without this life-giving drink. Even more so to imagine yours.

very delicious Georgian cuisine as a reason to plan wedding in Georgia

The very delicious cuisine

Since we are talking about the wine it is impossible to keep silent about the Georgian cuisine. It’s perhaps the most important attraction of the country. As far as traditional feast is an essential element of the local culture, the Georgian cuisine have to correspond to the highest level of cooking. Is it possible that the guest is leaving house hungry or dissatisfied? Of course not, so Georgians for many centuries have been making their kitchen not just delicious, but truly original and varied. Georgian cuisine has absorbed the best culinary traditions of the Caucasus, Asia and the Middle East nations. Moreover, it is capable to surprise not only meat eaters but vegetarians as well.  Such dishes as pkhali, lobio, lobiani, rolls of eggplant with nuts deserve a special notice of them for sure.  This list can be long, but it’s better just to come and try it!

Georgian songs and dances

Georgian songs and dances

Georgian choral singing and national dances have gone far beyond Georgia. Ballet Sukhishvili draw big audience throughout the world, UNESCO declared the Georgian polyphonic singing a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage, and sent it into space as a gift to other civilizations. People of different ages and nationalities rejoice, feel sad and dream to Nino Katamadze music for many years already while younger generation is learning unpronounceable words of poignant songs of  Georgian band Mgzavrebi. And all these may become exciting orchestra of the most important day of your live, discovering new depths of your guests’ souls.

Closeness of Georgia country as reason to plan wedding in Georgia

Georgia is close

Georgia is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, in the very heart of the world. Here are 3 international airports, which takes about 50 flights per day from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Russia and other CIS countries. At land borders are equipped with advanced inspection items, and custom work is aligned with the highest international standards, thereby minimizing the passage of the border, even if you are traveling by bus. There is even a sea route to Georgia – a comet that floats in Batumi from Sochi. And most importantly – do not need a visa, you are always welcome here, and you are always welcome to citizens of most countries in the Georgia!

official marriage registration in Georgia

Easy registration of official marriage in Georgia

You don’t need  to come to Georgia in advance in order to to apply for marriage registration. Our wedding agent will do it for you while the state registrar will be ready to travel to any desirable place in the country to hold a wedding ceremony. And in Sighnaghi city it’s possible to register a civil marriage even without prior application. In both cases, 4 days after the official marriage we will send you translated marriage certificate with apostille which you need to legalize in public body of your country.

affordability of marriage in Georgia


Wedding is a very romantic event, but not the last role in decision making regarding where and how to celebrate it price is playing. And here we can definitely please you: Georgia is developing country with a relatively young economy, which provides a enjoyable level of prices for goods and services. If you rely on the professionals you will be pleasantly surprised with the final value for the money of wedding services.

friendly Georgian people

Lack of language barrier

Young people speaks English well because of deep integration of Georgian business into the global supply chain within last decades. The older generation speaks mostly Russian as a second language so if you got lucky to know any Slavic language things are getting even easier. Moreover, as in any other small country, being fluent at  any other language apart from mother tongue is considered to be a good manner. Well, and in totally extreme cases Georgians will never leave you in “linguistic trouble” alone and will certainly find someone who can understand you.

climate in Georgia


For many countries of moderate climate it’s true challenge to get lucky with weather for wedding day. It’s often rainy in summer, snow in the winter has become rarity, mellow autumn passes too fast or cherry trees in spring begin to bloom later than you planned. Due to the reliable protection of the Caucasus mountain range from the north of Georgia seasons here are classic. The only one exception is summer lasting for 5 months 🙂 But as for rest you can count on snow in the mountains in winter time, on a beautiful gentle Indian autumn and of course on the magical summer. There are more than 280 sunny days per year, isn’t it a reason to plan wedding in Georgia?

tolerance in Georgia


Historically Georgia has always been not only at the intersection of trade routes but always in the center of historical events.  Persians, Turks, Jews, Russians and tradespeople of Central Asia have need trading there for centuries. Along with that Georgia used to be under the control of the Ottoman, Persian and Russian empires at different times. The ups and downs of history have taught Georgians to respect the various cultures and nations. There are still mosque, a synagogue and a Christian church located on the same square and peacefully coexisting with each other. Therefore no matter what confession you belong to, Georgia will welcome you in accordance with  traditions and customs of your culture.

historical heritage of Georgia

Historical Heritage

We know that place where you are going to tell each other “yes” is very important for any couple, it’s a place which you will remember during all your life. It’s a special day, so the location can not be accidental. Thanks to an eventful history Georgia has much to offer. Beginning from the VII century temples where you can have religious marriage ending with restored mansions of  Georgian aristocrats Bagration – Mukhrani and Alexander Chavchavadze. So if you want to weave your names into the history and to give a touch to the World Heritage, Georgia is the very place you need.

Georgia is a country of love, freedom and extraordinary people. It’s the country where you will inevitably leave a piece of  heart and soul. Therefore, planning a wedding in Georgia is the best gift  you just can present to each other and to your families and friends.

See you under our generous Georgian sky!