Weddings in a Country of Romance

Georgia will make your heart race with delight. Romance lingers in the air at every turn as the stunning picturesque views of mountains, sea, sun, and landscape come together to exhilarate and captivate both your heart and mind. Choose Georgia for your wedding because in Georgia, all of your romantic dreams will come true.

Featured venues in Georgia

  • Chateau Mere - Шато Мере
    Chateau Mere
    Chateau Mere is a perfect site for your fairy tale.
  • Hotel Royal Batoni
    Royal Batoni
    Royal Batoni is a masterpiece of perfect placement and Georgian hospitality.
  • Rooms Hotel Kazbegi
    Rooms Hotel Kazbegi
    Rooms hotel Kazbegi is your chance to have a realy high wedding.
  • Kvareli Lake Resort
    Kvareli Lake Resort & SPA
    Outstanding nature beauty and marvelous venue in one amazing place.
  • Lopota Resort
    Lopota SPA & resort
    Pure luxury together with pure nature - your perfect wedding recipe.
  • Chateau Mukhrani
    Chateau Mukhrani
    Outstanding historical castle of royal dynasty is what will make your wedding excellence.
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Your Wedding and Honeymoon in Georgia

A special place is needed for the special day and Georgia is the best in this role. Hidden from the outer world between magnificent mountains and the Black Sea shore under warm southern sun this country keeps secrets of true love. Awesome weather, tasty food, young georgian wine, kind people, astonishing nature – what else is needed for the best celebtation in history? If you wonder what people in Georgia best of all – there will be the only answer – celebrate and that is pure truth.

Georgain feasts are comparable to royal and georgian singing and dancing talants are making any celebration a real show! Georgian weddings are the summit of their feast mastery. These celebrations collect up to one thousand people and are held with extraordinary opulence and abundance. Holding your wedding in Georgia will make you a part of history of this small and hospitable country.

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