We each share our own fond recollections of Georgia. It absolutely captured our hearts with its stunning array of natural beauty: its majestic mountains, pristine poppy fields, a proud and most generous citizenry eager to accept us as their own, and of course, that memorable tradition of making of wine as we feel the crushing of grapes beneath our feet. Actually, the joy of wine that these people share reflects their general amiability and hospitality. As time has passed, we have grown to love Georgia and cherish it for all of its wondrous charm. Now, we can proudly call Georgia our home, a home where love is surely born and cultivated. There is untold magic here in this country, where dreams are made and families unite. It is our humble duty to ensure that this magic happens for you, that you are able to tell your own story of Georgia in this most splendid of countries. We will help you make it happen naturally, easily, and of course, with a special Georgian touch!

Sincerely yours, Mandarini Wedding

Inna & Dima
Inna & DimaFounders and wedding planners
I still remember that day when my husband and I, in early 2014, had the idea to hold our wedding in Georgia. When we announced to our relatives that we were getting married, I remember their eyes just lit up with curiosity and excitement. I still do not know what they were more happy about – our decision to become a family or the fact that our wedding was to be held in Georgia, a country known for its luxurious beauty and hospitable people. It must have been fate that we chose Georgia for our wedding because as it so happens, we eventually decided to make Georgia our new home. It couldn’t have been more perfect–an elegant special wedding for special guests and loved ones, in a very special country. I have no regrets. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Georgia in a heartbeat. I am absolutely sure that there is no more perfect place on Earth for me than Georgia.
MegiWedding planner assistant
I am grateful to God for all those young, smart and beautiful people who come to Georgia to arrange their weddings. This is a great honor for me and a great pride for my lovely homeland. I believe each couple who celebrates wedding in Georgia takes in their hearts all the warmth of Georgian sun, sweetness of grapes, but first of all – love.

We have straightforward practice on doing excellent weddings. Here is the plan:

1. We meet or make a conference call.

Both brides and grooms participation is highly recommended. During this talk we are trying to figure out whether we fit to couple’s expectations and whether they fit our approach. We are trying to be kind and nice but wedding is too important event for not to close eyes on any kind of incompliances.

2. We propose and sign letter of intention

We ask the couple to sign a very simple document stating our mutual intentions to work together towards signing a service contract. Wedding event is so big and complex to overview from the start that several phases are needed to come to a strict understanding of who do what. The letter of intention authorizes us to be the couples’s representatives in communication with wedding services providers for the evaluation of wedding budget and pre-booking of dates.

3. Choose and book venues

Having the authorization from the couple we do venue search and booking and we do it for free without any advance payments. Just because there will be no wedding if there are no venues booked.

4. Prepare budget

We request for dates and prices from wedding service providers and do the wedding budget evaluation.

5. Calculate fixed cost of our services

To be clear and honest with the couple we give fix price for our planning services based on the amount of wedding services and agenda. Thus we insure the couple from artificial cost raises.

6. Sign service contract

We prepare and sign service contract with services list, preliminary agenda and fixed cost of our services.

7. You can relax now – we organize everything

Now we will do the rest – all searches, bookings, planning, arrangements, logistics, cakes and fireworks. You will have to come in a couple of days prior to the Day.

No. We are wedding agency and not a marketing agency. Thus we try to do our best to provide best services for the lowest price possible. We work with wedding service providers continuously to grant you the best price for their services.
Besides we provide you with fixed cost for our services so we are not interested in increasing your wedding budget.

That’s one of our main competitive advantages.