Planning for that special day can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. We have been planning weddings for years and can alleviate all of your worries, making the entire process light, easy, and relaxed – and ultimately an unforgettable experience. Whether you decide to entrust the entire process to us and our services or obtain assistance from just one professional for the day of your wedding – we are here to help you. Below you will find some options for our collaboration.

All-Inclusive 7 star wedding service

We will interview and brainstorm with you to decide on the most appropriate course of action to take, from beginning to end. We will hear all of your wishes, dream with you and then proceed to the implementation of planning from the beginning till the very end. We will determine your wedding concept, select the best location, hire professional photographers and videographers, scout out local talent and entertainment, prepare a special menu, and plan virtually all aspects of your wedding down to the smallest detail. You can provide us with feedback along the way, but do not feel obliged. Trust that we will take care of it all.

Свадебный дизайн

Wedding design

Concept design

Venue search


Decor design

Love story

Love story

Venue search

Image & Decoration

Photography & Videography


Photo & video



Mastering & post production






Свадебный декор

Wedding decor





Wedding coordination




Кейтеринг и бар

Food & drinks

Welcoming drinks & snacks


Wedding pie

Hotel Royal Batoni

Hospitality management



Entertainment programs for guests

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Music & singing & dancing




It is impossible to imagine any wedding without that special moment when you say to each other, “I do.” But is it a civil ceremony, religious ceremony, or a symbolic one? Whichever one you choose, we will make it special!

Wedding coordination

Our offer - wedding coordinatorWe firmly believe that even if you have experience with planning weddings, your own day should be yours and yours alone. We highly recommend that you entrust the coordination process of the wedding to our professional staff. We will meet with you several weeks prior to the wedding to discuss the details of preparation. When that special day finally arrives, you will answer the phone only to receive congratulations from friends and loved ones.

Just give us the contacts of your subcontractors and details of your wedding day plan. We all take over all the rest smoothly and nicely.

  • Guests are overseen and not getting lost
  • Subcontractors are under tender control
  • Day agenda is strictly followed up

Tourism services for your guests

When deciding to hold your wedding in Georgia, you will be providing your guests with a great opportunity to visit this extraordinary country. When you work with us, your guests become our guests, and we prepare for them a real journey through the most picturesque sites of your chosen locale. Ultimately, we want them to feel the true spirit of this marvelous country and share the features that make us love Georgia for what it is.

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We understand your desire to be alone on this special day, to sneak off to a beautifully pristine and cloistered hideaway where it’s just the two of you gazing into each other’s eyes. Our team will work behind the scenes to ensure that this happens. As you enjoy these precious moments and build memories together of this special event, we will also capture beautiful photographs and video footage so that you can relive this day for years to come.


Mountains, sun-filled grapes, wine, the sea breeze and a heady sense of freedom and love–you can have all of this on your honeymoon in Georgia. The month will fly as you spend luxurious days together, just the two of you, in this elegant country. The atmosphere will be positively pristine as we ensure that you are absolutely fulfilled during your stay.