You decided to get married. We congratulate you with the upcoming event! Thinking about you wedding venue you decide to hold the wedding ceremony in Georgia. Right, this country is infused with romance and draws on with its natural beauty and of course great food and wine. But there are so many options in this small but very diverse country so you can’t quite decide on the location, right? This article will help you to better understand the best options and to make your decision easier.

Tbilisi and around

Tbilisi – is a colourful and hospitable city, Georgia’s heart with a history of more than 1500 years. Narrow streets with hovering carved wooden balconies of the Old city just call for a great photo love story. Being the capital and the biggest city in the country Tbilisi thrives with developed infrastructure including a variety of high-end hotels, great restaurants that can provide accommodation and place for unforgettable wedding reception. Just a 5 km away from Tbilisi first Georgian capital Mtskheta is tucked between two rivers. Its centre of gravity – huge Svetsiskhoveli cathedral. It is overlooked from the high cliff by the ancient Jvary monastery. This two churches are considered among the most important in Georgia. They tell a lot about the history, the culture and the soul of the Georgian nation. If you are orthodox and want to do a church ceremony it is hard to find a better and more symbolic place than this two.

But Tbilisi area is not limited only by city landscapes. There are several locations around the city, mostly in the surrounding mountains. They offer picturesque views on the Trialeti gorge above the city and great panoramas of Tbilisi, that flicker in the night with million of lights. This view can be a stunning backdrop for your ceremony.

Kazbegi and Gudauri

You probably know that only mountains can be better than the mountains. A lot of people come to Georgia with a single purpose to see Great Caucasus mountains. To tell you the truth we adore the mountains here and believe that probably it is the best place to feel the moment, when two become one. In the mountains you are closer to the sky and to eternity. Georgia can offer many mountain landscapes: high and low, lush green and rocky, covered with “broccoli florets” of forest and with alpine meadows. Probably the only one area offers in particular spectacular mountain views and is located just a couple of hours from Tbilisi. This is Gudauri resort and Kazbegi region. The proximity to the centre and the resort status ensure good infrastructure with nice hotels offering stunning views around.

Gudauri is mainly a ski resort becoming lately also a popular destination for summer breaks. In the summer it brings joy with the freshest air and millions of colourful flowers on the green slopes. There are very comfortable hotels with wide open terraces to contemplate breathtaking mountains. They are perfect for beautiful ceremonies and/or wedding dinners. In addition you always have all hotel services at your disposal.

Kazbegi is a unique region in Georgia situated fully in the mountains. It is hard to put the words together to describe its beauty, where austere cliffs rise above the Terek river valley.  The powerful Kazbek mountain dominates the area. This mountain is considered sacred in Georgia and is surrounded by many legends. Here, on the altitude of 2130 metres above the sea level a little Saint Trinity Church stands on the cliff, as though floating in the air among the high peaks. Local people call it simply Gergeti by the name of the nearest village. In Kazbegi you can have a beautiful ceremony surrounded by nature or opt for a wedding on the territory of one of the hotels here with astonishing view over Kazbek and the valley.


Kakheti is a big region on the East of the country.  It’s major part is taken by Alazany valley, squeezed between the gorges of the Great Caucasus. This is the place where the majority of wine is made, that is so perfect to honour the happy event of birth of new family surrounded by your beloved ones.

Kakheti stands out with the variety of its landscapes. Beautiful views open from the foot hills. Crystal clear turquoise mountain lakes are jammed between the hills competing in beauty with famous Italian lakes. Strict lines of vineyards create a perfect environment for romantic photo shoots, and the variety of high class hotels and chateaus bring comfort to anyone who come here. All of this makes Kakheti a wonderful wedding destination in Georgia.



If you dream about a wedding on the beach, Georgia has something to offer you! The Black Sea coast stretches for several kilometres, surrounded by green lace of Small Caucasus mountains. Everything here breathes of green thanks to a soft subtropical climate. The city of Batumi is in the centre of this beautiful landscape.  In the few years Batumi became a well-known international sea resort. Hotels of the best world chains opened here offering incredible views from their rooms to sunsets over the sea waters. The Batumi Botanical garden is a true “Garden of Eden” with the widest collection of plants from all around the world. It is definitely one of the most amazing places for wedding photo shoots in the whole country. This region also has few old castles overlooking the sea where you can also make your wedding ceremony surrounded by historical artefacts.  


Samtskhe-Javakheti region on the South is a home to an ancient cave town Vardzia. It is hidden in the valley of Kura river. This unique combination of rock cut churches and houses was built in 12-13 centuries during the rule of famous Queen Tamar and her father. Vardzia served as the main outpost to protect country’s borders from Turks. Today we can still see parts of the city partly inhabited by monks. Unfortunately, the main part was destroyed as a result of the earthquake in 14th century.

The ancient city is surrounded by a beautiful valley with fast Kura river on the bottom. Isolated ravine brings you almost in a meditative state. You can still find a lot of cave ruins all around the ravine, covered with moss and tree branches. Couple of years ago luxury Vardia Resort opened just a few minutes drive from the historical site. It is surrounded by spacious green territory with water springs and little ponds offering interesting options for wedding organization. Good quality restaurant is a great addition to the venue. This place is very special and will be perfect for adventurous souls who love natural beauty but also appreciate comfort.

 Georgia can offer many amazing places for very special weddings! We constantly explore new possibilities and venues to offer you the best. Our recommendation s on how to choose the best wedding venue you can read in our previous article. Wherever you decide to have your wedding, you can be sure that our Mandarini Wedding team will do everything to make your special day truly magical and unforgettable!