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The story of Alexandra and Philip has become very dear and close to us during the preparation time. And the wedding day itself is still a huge source of light and love, a real lighthouse, even though now, when we are writing this text, more than half a year has passed since the wedding date.
So we especially want to share this light with you!

The guys live between New York and San Francisco, we had a little over 6 months to prepare, and during that time they never flew to Georgia. We felt a huge credit of trust from their side and we are very grateful to them for that.
Remarkably, Alexandra didn't realise why people celebrate weddings until she was at a three-day wedding in India and saw how happy this event makes all the people it brings together - the couple, the family and all the guests.
We have to say that Alex eyes shone with enthusiasm at every call we made, every meeting with vendors. Both the bride and groom were very involved in the preparations despite their busy work schedules ( Alexandra works in finance in the NY banking system, Philip is in charge of operations at Tesla) and really enjoyed it.

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In fact, it was this ability to "enjoy life" that determined how the wedding day would go. The guys were truly present in every moment and enjoyed it - from having breakfast together and lounging in the pool to saying their vows at the ceremony and speech and the whole sensory enchanting spectacle that unfolded at dinner.

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The wedding was held at Vazisubani Estate. The guys fell in love with the place as soon as we suggested it. The celebration had 80 guests from 7 countries around the world. As the estate hotel can only accommodate 40 guests, we accommodated the second group of guests at the Radisson Tsinandali and ran a shuttle between the two venues so that guests could use it at any time.

For Alexandra it was very important for her dad to be present at the wedding, for various reasons this issue remained open until the almost last minute. The whole team was very worried and cheered with all our souls for everything to work out. After all, it was the one thing we couldn't influence. And when a couple of days before the wedding dad successfully crossed the border of Georgia, we all exhaled.

Since Alexandra lives far away from her family, she opted to spend the morning with her mum and her closest friend Olya. And it seems to have been one of the most fun brides mornings in our history :) Check out the photos and video, or just this reel.

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Philip had a lot of fun with his friends in the pool until it was time to get ready for the ceremony and tie his bowtie. In general, we are always ready to help, but here the guys decided to complete this challenge on their own. Who are we to get in their way :) And it seems they had a very good time during this process.

The ceremony was very sensual, exciting, and funny at the same time. Alex and Philip asked their best friends to conduct it to make it more personal.

The groom appeared accompanied by his friends, they even prepared a special dance for it, which by the way they rehearsed in the morning by the pool. Alexandra of course appeared at the ceremony accompanied by her dad - it was the most awaited moment of the day. We already at that time could not hold back tears.

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Philip's native language is French, his second language is English, but he said a significant part of his vows - in Russian. It was incredible and was an absolute surprise for the bride herself and her family. Alexandra was nervous while saying her vows, and although Philip tried to kiss her every time to support her, the bride was adamant - the first kiss in the status of husband and wife only after the end of the ceremony :) The guests at this moment were laughing through tears of happiness.

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And for all that, it seems that the apogee of the emotional experience was reached at the dinner. We invited the Geo Folk choir, famous in many countries of the world for their covers, which they perform in the style of Georgian polyphonic singing.

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When they sang Aerosmith's song Dream on, everyone present had goosebumps running through their bodies. Alex listened to this song in Philip's arms and sang along with her lips.
The dinner continued with incredible dances of all nations of the world. And we never ceased to be amazed at how many people who did not know each other at all before the rehearsal dinner the day before, danced as if they had known each other forever.
That's the power - the power of love, Georgia and a good MC ;)

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We invite you to enjoy this story together with us, because photos and video will tell what is hard to describe in words - it is Happiness.

Alex and Philip, thank you for you and this day. You were a real gift for our whole team!

After having to postpone our wedding once, my husband and I made the decision to celebrate our special day in Georgia. With its breathtaking natural beauty, delicious cuisine, exquisite wines, and hassle-free entry without visa requirements, Georgia offered the perfect combination for our dream wedding. However, planning such an event posed numerous challenges for us. Living between New York and San Francisco, and both having demanding jobs, we were unable to visit Georgia before our wedding day. We needed someone who could serve as our eyes and ears on the ground, ensuring efficient communication and flawless execution.
From our very first interview with Inna, we knew we had found our dream team. Their impeccable track record of successful projects, excellent command of English, and abundant taste and enthusiasm assured us that we were in capable hands. Our dedicated wedding planner, Natalia, remained in constant contact with us, offering her unwavering support 24/7. She never uttered the word "No" to any of our requests, pouring her heart and soul into creating our perfect day. Meanwhile, our guest concierge, Inga, proved to be a hero for our guests, effortlessly coordinating logistics and providing answers to questions from individuals hailing from a dozen different countries.
Thanks to the meticulous organization and unwavering dedication of Mandarini Wedding, our wedding day became the most incredible and cherished moment of our lives. We will forever be grateful to them for orchestrating every detail flawlessly. If you're looking for a wedding agency in Georgia that goes above and beyond to bring your dreams to life, we wholeheartedly recommend Mandarini Wedding!

Alexandra Khurudzhi

Photographer Ксения Антонова // Antonova Kseniya
Operator Romavera_films

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