Our happy couples

  • Soheil and Armita

    Soheil and Armita’s big wedding with guests from around the world was to be held in Kakheti, but for family reasons the couple was forced to transfer it to their homeland in Iran. But they were so eager to get to Georgia and see everything with their own eyes that had fascinated them so much for a year, that before the main wedding celebration they decided to make a gift to themselves and went together to the Caucasus Mountains.

  • Irina & Niels

    They could have celebrated their wedding anywhere in the world but they chose Georgia.

  • Max and Iris

    Max and Iris are real romantics, and their life is strongly connected with creativity: Iris is an actress, Max is a producer. So their wedding turned out to be especially romantic and heartfelt — thanks to the significant involvement of the groom we managed to create an orchestrated and emotionally thoughtful event.

  • Rustem and Aliya

    Rustem and Aliya live in Kazakhstan, where there are very strong wedding traditions. It’s necessary to conduct a big wedding with many guests, including the groom’s and bride’s all families members, all close and distant relatives. There are always a lot of toasts and parting words to young family, which are interrupted only with intense entertainment program. By the way, this is how traditional Georgian weddings are held as well!

  • Anya and Mitya

    When we met Anna and Mitya they told us right away that they want a real Georgian wedding without anything unnatural or staged.

  • Dara and Mert

    We are always very happy when we have a possibility to unite people from different countries. When it happens we not only become park of new connections of people, but of cultures. This June we witnessed a beautiful wedding of Dara from Ukraine and Mart from Estonia.

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