Our happy couples

Soheil and Armita

Soheil and Armita’s big wedding with guests from around the world was to be held in Kakheti, but for family reasons the couple was forced to transfer it to their homeland in Iran. But they were so eager to get to Georgia and see everything with their own eyes that had fascinated them so much for a year, that before the main wedding celebration they decided to make a gift to themselves and went together to the Caucasus Mountains.

For the sake of their dreams they flew over the Atlantic Ocean. Overcome all the difficulties of mountain off roads, walked 500 meters of a rather dangerous trekking up to the mountains in a wedding dress and suit to a waterfall with Ted Baker shoes under the arm. On the way up they have received congratulations from the travelers in at least seven world languages, someone even sang, someone clapped, someone of course asked to make a picture.

And there on the edge of the cliff blown away by the wind and the spray of a waterfall, they said each other the most important words. Words that have lived inside for 10 years.

We understood that the way up to the waterfall might not suit everyone, and were afraid that the guys would regret agreeing to our proposal. But we made a bet and did not lose — Soheil and Armita, with wind tangled hair and wet clothes from the spray, laughed like children and were completely happy. Happy from the adventures that hit them, happy to be here and now, to feel what they feel, happy to share these moments with us and with the whole world around.

And at that moment we realized that we had met the same dreamers like us. Such distant ones, with which we are separated by at least 9000 km, and at the same time so close.

It was so incredibly valuable to realize that there are no boundaries, but there is a world that belongs to people, in whose heart there is kingdom and love, and whose mind is bright and unbiased.

We did not expect this! We did not expect to fall in “love” with Georgia, this beautiful, charming, innocent country with breathtaking scenery and people with such big hearts. We did not expect to make such beautiful “friends” inside and out. Coming from far far away, you guys made us feel right at home. Not even for a second we felt like, just a “customer”. It was like our best friends organized our wedding. Your passion, your open hearts and style inspired us and touched us deep inside. Inna & Dima ! Thank you so much for making this memorable memory. And we are so glad you guys are inseparable part of it. We truly did not expect any of this. Best of luck to you and thanks again for everything.

Armita & Soheil

Photographer Игорь Новиков
Operator Вика Парамонова
Place Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

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