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Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is placed near the Georgia-Russia border right in the Dariali gorge in the town of Stepantsminda. This outstanding hotel has unique view of one of the 5000 meter high mounts of Great Caucasus — mount Kazbek. The hotel is famous for the highest service and cuisine quality and ambient atmosphere of high altitude resort.


Room Horel Kazbegi offers its guest 180 comfortable rooms with total capacity of 330 people. Rooms have two types of view — towards mount Kazbek and the opposite side.


The restaurant itself deserves separate attention due to wonderful view of gorge and mountains. Local cooks provide the highest cuisine in the highest altitudes in Georgia. You can find traditional and European meals in the menu.


Georgian biggest open terrace overlooking the mighty Kazbeg is located here. This is the favourite place of all tourists specially created for admiring beautiful mountains. According to the rules of the hotel, it is forbidden to arrange loud parties on the terrace. That is why it is convenient for a cozy ceremony but it is not available for a wedding dinner.


The swimming pool of the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is located in the spa-center on the ground floor of the hotel. The room of the pool is styled to look like the entire hotel: it has magnificent big picture windows which allow you to admire the mountain Kazdeg while swimming.


Vast territory of the hotel includes terrace, banquet hall, great pool with outstanding view of mount Kazbek, green lawn in front of the hotel. The hotel is decorated with postmodern urban design and will easily fit to any wedding theme.

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Couples who have been here

Couples who have been here

Soheil and Armita

Soheil and Armita’s big wedding with guests from around the world was to be held in Kakheti, but for family reasons the couple was forced to transfer it to their homeland in Iran. But they were so eager to get to Georgia and see everything with their own eyes that had fascinated them so much for a year, that before the main wedding celebration they decided to make a gift to themselves and went together to the Caucasus Mountains.

Katya and Eldar

Beautiful autumn in Georgia. Small snug family festivity in the mountains. It was not just a wedding, it was a celebration of family union, where children were the protagonists as well as their parents.

Katya and Sergey

«Love on the altitude» was written on the invitations that guests of Kate & Sergey received in the Spring 2017. And all together we witnessed a True Beauty on the altitude of 200 metres above the sea level on the 14th of July almost in the middle of the Summer!

Andrey and Khatia

Andrew and Khatia are united by love, a tender attitude to each other, common interests and something else that can be seen with the naked eye which is an impeccable sense of style. Their looks are thought over and matched to the smallest detail, and invariably cause one feeling — absolute delight!

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