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Olya & Serezha

NOT OUR FIRST WEDDING PARTY - this was the slogan of Olya and Sergey's wedding! And all because in spring the guys got married in Moscow and the desire to celebrate this event with their relatives turned into the first wedding.

At first the guys were going to bring an agency from Moscow, but they called us and realised that there was absolutely no need for that ;)

The wedding took place at Vazisubani Estate. Sergey is a designer by profession and Olya works in the cultural and events sector, so the guys are true aesthetes - for them the perfect visual component of everything around them is very important. Based on these requirements, they chose the site from a distance, but when they came to us for an inspection tour they fell in love with it even more. There appeared this very important feeling - "this place is about us".


Symbolically, the wedding of Simon Jacquemus himself, which took place just a couple of weeks before our event, very much echoed our aesthetic. This is the DNA of the brand, its creator and fans, that is literally in the air :)


At the same time, we wanted to add a twist to the décor that would resonate with the bold and free-spirited Olya and Sergey. Fantasising on the theme of freedom and unconventional views on usual things, we came up with a ceremony area with a mirror of unusual shape and a scattering of flowers, fruit and authentic crockery. Needless to say, it became a real center of attraction for the guests, and a kind of art object, where not a single identical photo was taken. We also managed to realise Olya's big wish - a dinner with a thousand lights, which made the space even more intimate.


Olya and Sergey are both very fond of the Jacquemus brand, and that's why Sergey made the wedding invitation website with references to the famous brand's fashion shows. We considered creating the ceremony area in the same style, but decided that on a hot September day it would be more comfortable to do the ceremony in the shade of the park, rather than on a large green lawn. At the same time, we wanted to create an atmosphere of lightness, relaxation and even some kind of tenderness - that's how our vision of the ceremony area was born, which the guys liked very much.


Although we didn't implement the idea of stylising the ceremony as a fashion show and catwalk, the guests supported the dress code so fabulously that we wanted to look at the details of their images endlessly. It was a real fashionista gang :)

At the ceremony Olya and Sergey appeared together, because it was not their first wedding and it was no secret that they were already husband and wife for almost half a year. But their vows from this did not become less reverent and tender, on the contrary - it seemed that the guys talked about their feelings from a new height and from a new - already family - experience, which they had time to live and feel during this time. The ceremony was conducted by a friend of Olya and Sergey, which of course added reasons for laughter and tears of happiness!


And then the party started, which had everything, even - you won't believe it - a big professional quiz. The thing is that Olya's sister and her husband are in this business and their team created a personalized quiz for the guys' wedding.

We chose a wedding host who had experience in conducting such quizzes, so it was a perfect match - everything went like clockwork, the heat of passion was really high, and we only had time to process the answers of the teams and count the points. And to recalculate them even after the results were announced, in order to work out the appeal of one of the teams :)


The quiz served as a kind of intermission between the first part of the quiet dinner in smalltalk style and the after party with cover band, hot dancing, jumping in the pool and hookahs at the afterparty. Not all of this you will find in the photo gallery below, as much of what was at the wedding stays at the wedding and in the memory of the guests ;)

But we invite you to enjoy the film photos by Margo Ermolaeva and the low Italian cake that everyone loved.


Olya, Sergey, thank you for the ease in everything and for the fact that none of us had to explain anything - so much on the same wave we spent these few months in the process of your wedding preparation!

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