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Rustem and Aliya

Rustem and Aliya live in Kazakhstan, where there are very strong wedding traditions. It’s necessary to conduct a big wedding with many guests, including the groom’s and bride’s all families members, all close and distant relatives. There are always a lot of toasts and parting words to young family, which are interrupted only with intense entertainment program. By the way, this is how traditional Georgian weddings are held as well!

The couple decided not to break the tradition and celebrated a big Kazakh wedding at home. But they still really wanted to arrange a celebration for themselves and for their friends. This is how idea to celebrate a merry and cheerful second wedding in Georgia came up to their mind! For this day Rustem and Alia chose the most iconic place in Tbilisi — the Funicular restaurant at the highest viewpoint of the city.

Just imagine — late at night you are standing on the open terrace, there is the silence of a empty park around, just sounds of Georgian songs and guests’ laughter are being wafted from the hall, and right in front of you the city shines with its distant lights. And only salute in honor of your love will break this silence for a few minutes. The millionaire city will share this very special moment with you.

This is how in the end of September true romantics Rustem and Alia created an extraordinary memory for themselves and their closest friends. Recollection of a lifetime!

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