Our happy couples

Anya and Mitya

When we met Anna and Mitya they told us right away that they want a real Georgian wedding without anything unnatural or staged. Georgia played a very important role in their relationship — starting from the story of their meeting to going for a visit to famous Vakhtang Kikabidze, to numerous travels around this country and many Georgian friends. We are certain that a big piece of their hearts simply live here — among mountains and vineyards. They wanted to share this love of Georgia with their friends and family.

We were very short on time — only 2,5 months for a wedding planning but we spent it in pleasant preparations. Together with Orange Weddings and bride’s mother we developed a decoration project in boho-rustic style with Georgian folk elements.

Fall in Georgia is the most colourful season, time of the harvest, start of wine making, and general liveliness. We wanted to embody this mood in our feast.

We collected all decoration details piece by piece — in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and across all Georgia. Probably all the owners of carpet shops in Tbilisi knew about our wedding.

And it was beautiful: very touching ceremony performed by family’s friend, Russian wedding traditions with millet and round loaf, and loud Georgian feast with Bani band when nobody could resist a good dance.

Love filled the air with joy and smiles — love of life, of good people, of good wine and this hospitable country.

And of course the main thing is that all guests left the wedding totally in love with Georgia!