Our happy couples

Dasha and Danya

Danya loves Moscow very much, that’s why the the couple knew in advance that their wedding would take place in fiance beloved city. But then Dasha and Danya came to Georgia in summer 2016 for a two-week vacation, drove almost across the whole country by car and ... fell in love. So much so that they decided to celebrate a wedding here.

In February 2017, we already together traveled through several regions of the country looking for the best location for the wedding. After every new site the personal rating of the guys has been changing. So it was until we arrived at the Vardzia Resort. Here, it seemed that time had slowed down its run, and nature even in winter was incomparably beautiful. Indeed, this place does not resemble anything. So it became clear where the wedding will take place.

Dasha and Danua associated Georgia with the abundance, heartiness, warmth and generosity of the locals, so they decided to make the wedding bright and saturated to support this feelings.

Together with the team of florists Rosenbloom we created a new style — «Georgian Boho». We believe it turned out very organically.

And it was beautiful: very touching ceremony performed by family’s friend, Russian wedding traditions with millet and round loaf, and loud Georgian feast with Bani band when nobody could resist a good dance. Love filled the air with joy and smiles — love of life, of good people, of good wine and this hospitable country. And of course the main thing is that all guests left the wedding totally in love with Georgia!