Our happy couples

Lena and Dima

The rules are created to be broken! Someone is waiting for love at first sight while someone allows him/herself to look at things in a new way. For example Lena and Dima have known each other for a long time before they started a romantic relationship about two years ago. But everything became clear quite fast, so a year later in Italy Dima made Lena a proposal. Avid travelers immediately decided that they want to celebrate their wedding in some special place. Having traveled around half of Georgia they have chosen Lake Kvareli with its breathtaking view of the mountains.

Friends and relatives from different cities of Russia and Germany gathered at the wedding. The guests spoke in three languages ​​- Russian, English and German.

Contrary to the established tradition, the guys wanted to make a soulful party without a traditional feast, so the whole evening was held in the format of the buffet reception.

After the ceremony the guests were entertained by the famous Georgian illusionist Sergi Dolidze, and the real culmination of the evening was the performance of Georgian polyphonic choir, which sang not only Georgian songs, but also compositions of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and even the hit of the Aerosmith «Dream On» — one of the favourite songs of the bride.

Agree, in order to hear such an orchestration in a dream place, you should come to Georgia.

Photographer Анастасия Рубанова
Place Kvareli Lake Resort

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