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Chateau Mukhrani

Chateau Mukhrani is a symbol of the last Georgian kings, the royal Bagrationi dynasty. There is their family country estate, vineyards and winery built around them and famous for its exquisite Georgian wines. This place fascinates with its beauty, it fills you with nostagia for the bautiful old days. Gorgeous restaurant, wine cellars, stables, vineyards, gardens, and a snow-white building of the estate in the center of this diversity. Chateau Mukhrani is one of our favourite wedding venues.

Open area

On the territory of the Chateau there are several outdoor locations, which are suitable for weddings of different scales: small parties and grand feasts. There is also a beautiful small forest nearby.


Chateau Mukhrani Winery produces Georgian wine that is considered one of the most exquisite types created on European technologies. Here you will be able to taste wine from the endemic types of grapes in this region: Goruli Mtsvane (white wine), Tavkveri (rose wine) and Shavkapito (red wine). Excursion around the winery includes a tour around the laboratory, the underground wine tonnel and the winery itself.


Chateau Mukhrani Restaurant meets every special requirement one might have for a place of such status. You will have an opportunity to taste traditional Georgian dishes cooked by professionals, and of course enjoy tasting of wines and chacha, the best of Georgia.

Any bride will be fascinated by Chateau Mukhrani. Who doesn’t dream of a wedding at the historic royal residence with a tint of an exquisite wine? Moreover, Chateau is located only 45 minutes drive from Tbilisi.

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Couples who have been here

Couples who have been here

Georgiy and Diana

Georgy was raised in Tbilisi in the Armenian family, and after his school graduation he and his family moved to Moscow. It was there where he met Diana. They often visited Tbilisi for the holidays, so when two years later they decided to get married, everyone was sure about the city for their wedding.

Nastya and Vova

It was a really fun wedding! A beautiful couple from Moscow gathered in Tbilisi their friends and family.

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